Life 103

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

happy birthday sis

I hope you enjoy this little tribute to your life journey thus far:

Kay is the clean one above on the right...

Kay is the well behaved one above on the right...

School Days

A very important acomplishment!

Kay is the one with the gorgeous smile above on the right...

again, with the smile, above on the right...

With daughter and first grandchild (above), first and second grandchild (below).

You're still looking' good!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

blessings to you

God's blessings are new every morning
It's Easter morning and we have teenagers. There aren't any baskets on the table, no egg hunts planned with friends, no frilly dresses waiting to be worn for the first time and absolutely no new button up shirts. The one in the house who LOVES chocolate is on a diet so there aren't even any chocolate bunnies this year. Instead, we broke tortillas, corn chips, and Steve's Famous Fajitas with a niece and nephew last night because that's when they could come, and waiting on the table with Easter cards at this moment are a new sketch book and guitar magazine.

It's not traditional but it's no less Easter. A friend of mine has been wrestling with why it matters that Jesus rose from the dead this year. She's trying to figure out what that's all about and how that sets him apart from other mystical religions. It seems obvious to me - only the most powerful God could ever raise anyone from the dead - but I suppose in an age of science where we can find explanations for almost anything, it would be hard to believe.

There's a lot to be grateful for that Christ has risen. When Jesus died, the veil to the Holy of Holies in the Jewish tabernacle where God was, was torn from top to bottom. Because of Christ's sacrifice, not only can we step into the presence of God without fear but He can come out. He can come out. And He does. He comes out to meet us every day. Easter Blessings!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

odd couple

We’re babysitting. The big one is ours. The little one is the center of controversy so we’re watching him for 3 weeks till the dander settles and he can either return home or find a new one.

The new pecking order: Little dog rules big dog. Cat rules little dog. Big dog rules cat. I don’t get it but it works for them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

friends for life

Follow the link below to my personal page for the Newberg Relay for Life where you can.... Donate. See who else is on our team. Donate. See how close our team is coming to raising our goal. Donate. Check out Newberg Relay events. Donate. See if we've raised more money than Christie's Ushio team. :) If they're ahead, then be sure to donate to Friends for Life!

If you're on my team, go sign up. Quickly! I want to know who else will be out there with Captain Sandra, Erinn and me in June.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Friends 4 Life

Our Relay for Life leader hasn’t registered our team yet because she couldn’t think of a good team name. Last night over coffee and brownies we landed on “Friends 4 Life.” When I asked her what her motivation for rallying a team was, she said, “Because half my friends have cancer!” I’m doing it because I’ve had several family members with it but “Family and Friends” and “Family Friends” are already being used around these parts for other things and "Newberg Friends Walkers" just didn't do it for us (although it does present a funny mental picture if you stop and think about it).

Our team has about 20 people signed up so far, men and women of all ages, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the experience not only with them but also with my niece, Christie, and her family who will turn out for the Ushio team. I’ve wanted to do it for several years now but it never quite worked out. This year, I had opportunity to join four or five other teams but jumped on the chance to walk with F/friends from church. We’ve lost a lot from our number to cancer. Some were not only pillars in our community but also pillars in our hearts. They made lasting impressions and left holes we’ll never really fill.

I’ll walk in memory of my grandmothers, Winifred Landauer and Leona King Nelson, who both died of cancer when I was much too young, and my uncle Harmon who shares a birthday with my AW and is a survivor. I’ll walk in honor of my dad who has been treated and is still watching suspicious for places on his skin. I’ll walk in memory of Merill Holdahl, Marge Weesner, and Vida Curtis who died all in a row one winter and sent me crashing to the earth. I’ll walk for Janette Stoltzfus and Yvonne Everly with hope in my heart and a prayer on my lips. I’ll walk for research because my odds and the odds of one of my closest friends are not very good when it comes to genetics. I’ll walk because I freak out every time I feel a weird twinge somewhere, and because deep down I don’t really believe my doctor when she says the creepy spots on my skin aren't anything to worry about. What does she know? Her ancestors probably all died of old age!

If you can’t walk but know what I’m talking about, pledge to someone on a team. Anyone will do, it doesn’t have to be me. Although, you can pledge to me and just as soon as I figure that part out, I’ll tell you how. If you want to come out for the event to cheer us on, please do! If you want to join “Friends 4 Life” I'm sure you'd be welcome.