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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A funny thing happened in church today. At our table in Sunday school this morning, I spoke in reference to a scripture that helped me through the hard days of a child's illness and how that particular promise of God has helped since in times when my faith has been thin and God is being especially quiet. Then, our pastor closed the worship gathering with the same reference to the same scripture and spoke out the same promise.

The reference is to a story in Luke 12/Matthew 6. It is a story about how God takes care of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field with a resounding assurance that you and I are more valuable than these to him. The promise; God will take care of you. And me. He will. He does. He will continue to. So we can, do, must depend on God for everything.
The trick is to remember that God is alive and well in the hearts, minds, and bodies of his beloved, very human, children and we cannot continue to fail each other by failing to dispense his care, love, and encouragement to each other. Asking for help is ok. Asking another person for help is sometimes the same as asking God for his divine help. And, that’s not weakness. That’s wisdom.

I wish I had believed that a lot sooner.


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