Life 103

Friday, August 31, 2007

safe and sound

World traveler is home safe and sound. The stories have already started... Here she's showing Steve her pictures and telling of her many adventures. She looks different. Older. More mature. Prettier if that's possible...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

headed home

We received a call from our young world traveler this morning. EARLY this morning. We had been up at 4:45 to watch the lunar eclipse so when my cell phone rang at 5:48 I was falling back INTO deep and blissful sleep instead of waking up as usual. They are at the YMCA in Mumbai and anticipating the trip home - they all sound ready. Their discernment work is well under way and AJ assured me that they have HUNDREDS of pictures and lots of stories. She's the only one who hasn't had food-reaction issues - this from our cheesy pasta loving, autoimmune compromised teenager! Below is the prayer I’ve been working on for a couple days now at times when words failed. Gregg asked that we pray for the 6 who are flying standby from Taipei to Seattle. Lets do.

We expect them back in town around 7:00 pm on Thursday...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An interesting thing happened last weekend. I was invited to speak at a church across town that is doing a sermon series on "Improving Your Serve." I was asked to tell success stories from Faith in Action that might inspire people to volunteer. I told about a woman about my age who visits and does weekly grocery shopping for an 80+ year old woman who lives alone and can't drive any more. The volunteer is going to give this woman a ride to Hood River later this month so she can attend the wedding of a special young friend and, for a moment at least, together they will push back the dark walls of isolation and lonliness. I also told about a family caring for a sweet little girl who will always need someone they can trust to watch over her and how volunteers around the community are signing up to hang out with girls and boys like her so parents can have a short break from worry, if nothing else.

The interesting part is this. For the first time, I didn't feel like I was going to pass out before standing up to speak somewhere. I think that would be public speaking progress! Yoga breathing - I recommend it. Then something wierd happened. I found that while standing up there on the far side of the floodlights, I was enjoying myself and when I was done, I actually felt like I had said what I was supposed to say, which ended with something close to my notes which say this:

People opening their hearts and lives to each other is what makes Faith in Action so wonderful. As people from different walks of life come together, getting to know and trust each other, we are developing relationships that provide parents who are caring for a child with special needs and children who are caring for their aging parents (sometimes from a great distance) with a few moments free from worry, concern, isolation, frustration, and limitation through the simple act of friendship. It is a wonderful gift to have someone who accepts you the way you are and who is willing to join your journey through life’s unexpected detours. People connected through Faith in Action (volunteer and recipient alike) all get to experience unconditional friendship and that, I think, is what brings the healing ministry of Jesus to life in our world today. When we get out of our church walls, beyond our immediate circle of friends, and across socioeconomic lines, we bring Jesus’ ministry alive and that’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

To which one fine brother said, "Amen."

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the summer of a lifetime

This month, Steve went backpacking with his friend and co-worker from Florida around the base of Mt. Hood, and when AW comes home from camp today it will be one of only 5 days that our family unit will have together for the entire month of August.

The India Team leaves on Wednesday evening with our daughter. Thanks to all who contributed money, encouragement and prayers for her trip! She is very excited and a little bit nervous.
You can read more about the trip here but below is the basic itinerary:

August 15-18 Traveling to India by way of Taiwan
August 18-19 YMCA, Mumbai, India
August 20-23 Joyful Children’s Home, with Arun & Shobha Massey, Darwad, India
August 24 Traveling
August 25-27 Agape Bible Fellowship, Bangalore, India
August 28 Traveling
August 29 YMCA, Mumbai
August 30 Traveling
September 1 Welcome Home Party, details TBA

The dog and I are holding down the fort but I have a plan to get out of Dodge too. I'm going here in January, good lord willing and the creek don't rise. I have a feeling this is only a glimpse of things to come....

Friday, August 03, 2007

prince charming

This little guy jumped out at me as I was trimming roses last week. Oh to be a frog and have a red rose for a castle...