Life 103

Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm finally a Kiva lender! I've been thinking about it forever but right after Christmas when I went to do it, they were fully funded. How cool is that? Choosing just the right microloan is HARD! Check it out here: kathy's Kiva account. Lin - use your gift certificate! I'm getting email about you.

I am Legend is worth seeing. It's SO INTENSE that I almost kicked the lady in front of me one time when I jumped. I haven't clung to Steve's arm like I did tonight since college!

Today I received my first ever in my life "Save the Date, invitation to follow" note in the mail for a June wedding.

AW looks 10% more like me. AJ looks equally like Steve and me. But I'm feeling too lazy to post our look-alike meter.

I want to know why God is so set against people being in their comfort zone. I mean, really. What is so bad about being able to relax and skate through life sometimes? Sharing my journey with my small group this year was about the hardest it's ever been. After almost not crying at all last year I thought I had it made this time. Guess not. Maybe more on that later...

Boom dog had surgery on Wednesday. When we started to take a bandage off his leg this afternoon we discovered his IV hookup was still in. Oops. Somebody is in trouble now.

I told someone the other day that I wanted to go through life learning from other people's mistakes and have smooth sailing all the way. He said, "Good luck with that." Pessimist.

This is me at the Barclay Press Conversation Cafe'.

I need a free TV that can have a VCR/DVD hooked up to it. If you want to donate one for a tax deduction to Faith in Action so I can do my volunteer training on the 30th, that would be awesome. If I don't get one by then, the class is going to have to listen to me talk ALL day. Save them from that, if you are able. :)

We also need a new couch for the bonus room but that wouldn't be tax deductible. And AW already vetoed anything forest green, floral or plaid which eliminated everything in town on craigslist.

And, finally, from the book of 4,000 questions: Who is someone who encourages you?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

sunday reflection

Today our gathered community was singing We Fall Down by Chris Tomlin and in my mind I could see myself kneeling before the throne of God, as one not worthy, facing into his blinding white light and resting in this elusive yet soothing place. It’s a place I only fleetingly touch when I’m in the zone. It’s been rare as of late.

I want to tell someone that in my mind’s eye I see us together. Approaching the throne of God. I want to say that when I step into the presence of Christ, I bring everyone I know with me. And vice versa. This is important.

I want us to all move forward and kneel together as we sing, Holy, Holy, Holy, foreheads on the floor. I want the people up front to stop talking, to let us rest in the power of the presence. Was I the only one who felt it? I went back to our sanctuary this afternoon and it was still there, love lurking in the stillness.