Life 103

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It’s been decided. The housing deposit is paid. The financial aid package is signed. She has a student ID number. Our firstborn is going to SPU next fall. Her goal is to become a registered nurse and start a free clinic in India or Africa for mommies and babies. If she is half as determined to do that as she was to get Steve to take her to Fred Meyer this evening, she’ll have no worries. :) We're very proud. She's an amazing girl; beautiful inside and out.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending GFU’s Mr. Bruin Contest. The sophomore boys donated everything they raised from the silent auction to Faith in Action so I got to be present to plug the program and accept the check. I must say, Mr. Jay Miller makes a very…well…how should I say…I’m not sure if I can…actually, um…As Esmeralda, he was stunning. And I don’t mean in a good way. Jay was fine (although his hairy armpits weren’t) but as Sarah Baldwin said to one of the others, “There’s a line. And you were over it.” I wonder what the students at SPU do for fun. Hopefully what happens at SPU, stays at SPU.
Thus we enter a new chapter, again seeking new ways to care for and pray over our kids who grew up too fast, who have made us appear to be great parents, and who are both wonderful human beings.
(I leave out all the other stuff about raising kids because, well, my kids can read. We all know Steve & I aren't perfect parents and there's no sense in belaboring that fact.)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

spring cleaning

Today was brilliant. Perfect day for spring cleaning, working 'round the house and yard as a family, taking a picture or two, and following it all up with an "insanely delicious" Bruschetta Chicken sandwich at Red Robin. Too bad 'the family' didn't agree with the spring cleaning part... things look great around the little farm even if not done with completely happy hearts.

Quote of the day. Said 15 year old son with learner's permit to mom who told him to relax while driving: "You know, I could pull over right here and you could walk home." Point proved, if you ask me. :)

Last week I saw a woman talking on her cell phone drive off from the gas station with the hose still inserted in her van. She jerked the hose completely off the pump, coming to a shocked stop after the nozzle crashed loudly to the ground. Fortunately, the pump has an emergency shut off valve. Hang up and DRIVE people.

Available: 1 year old miniature American Eskimo dog. Owner loves but is allergic. Very happy, friendly disposition. Basic training completed, knows fun tricks. Plays well with large breeds. Needs practice greeting visitors. Owner's children would like visitation rights. Call now and I'll connect you with Frostfur's loving family to start the adoption process.

Pictures from the Portland underground tour last weekend - Shanghai tunnels, stories of unsavory characters (is that one I see below?), white slavers, ghost stories; the seedy side of the Rose City. Nice way to spend an afternoon with kids and friends. If you decide to go, let me know what you think the dead girl's perfume is - if you can smell it, that is.

Dear Trustees,
The Suburban needs its own set of jumper cables.

And, guess who turned 18 with attitude?