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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

vote for the worst

I need help. I told the Newberg Friends India Team's fearless leader that I would make sets of 10 to 12 Oregon photo greeting cards to take to India as "host and hostess gifts" and I can't choose which ones I should print. I have narrowed it down to 13 and need help eliminating from 1 to 3 more. PLEASE help me decide which ones to delete from the group so I can move on with my life!

A group of men, women and youth from Newberg Friends Church are going to India late this summer to check out some different ministry opportunities for our church to potentially partner with. Together they will be discerning which, if any, ministry would be a good match with the desires of our hearts and resources. Read more about it here and here.

If you check out the team's website to learn more and recognize any of the team from a Most Wanted poster please let me know. My beautiful daughter is going with them and I'd like to be sure she's in good hands. She is very excited about the trip, going so far as to work two jobs this summer to raise the rest of the money she needs to go. If you would like to support the team financially, you can mail a check to Newberg Friends Church, P.O. Box 487, Newberg, Oregon 97132. Anything that arrives for the team will reduce the amount each individual needs or you can designate it specifically for one of the team members. To give to our daughter, just put "Watson India Trip" in the memo line. Thanks!

Now, vote for the worst...
(Yes, I will print them without the writing. That stuff will go on the back of the card.)


  • Now how is one to decide which is the "worst"? That's impossible!! You take such wonderful pictures!! I'm partial to anything with water and flowers. Not so much the leaf ones. Does that help?

    By Blogger TigerGirlC, at 9:23 PM, July 03, 2007  

  • Kendra says the same thing!!

    By Blogger TigerGirlC, at 9:33 PM, July 03, 2007  

  • You are good, VERY good! Those are exceptional photographs. And, they represent the variety of Oregon well.

    If you have to remove a couple, I would reluctantly remove Ben's ripples, vine maple, and maybe fall leaves. But I say print them all. We'll find people to give them to!

    By Blogger Gregg, at 12:44 AM, July 04, 2007  

  • I refuse to comment as I could never decide. I love them all, but this time of year, the strawberries look the yummiest.

    By Blogger Bethany, at 10:30 PM, July 09, 2007  

  • Thanks for your help everybody. I have 10 cards laying on the dining room table now that I think we can all live with. I pulled out the leaves and the tractor, switched a couple here and there and ended up with a nice variety of color, contrast, light and location that represents our beautiful state.

    I'll send some of the ones we didn't choose with the team to use for thank you notes (or whatever) when they need one so those that didn't make the packets won't be left behind.

    Thanks for all your kind words and if you ever need a card, give me a call. I always have a basket full sitting on Gramma Watson's sewing machine. They're $2 each and the profits go to Faith in Action's Family Friends program.

    By Blogger kathy, at 6:30 AM, July 10, 2007  

  • I would take out the Columbine, if it were up to me.

    By Blogger Robin M., at 9:07 PM, July 12, 2007  

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