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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sunday reflection

Last week I went to real church. It was a place where everyone was relaxed, where the kids played on the steps, and where everyone, with one or two exceptions, was wearing jeans and sweatshirts. We mingled, sang and prayed around artistic expressions of worship that we created ourselves and the Spirit moved. It was real and we were the church that day.

In a small way, the same thing happened this week - with the exception of the jeans and sweatshirts, of course, which is too bad. The kids weren’t as free to play, but the conversation was real and the Spirit moved subtly; ever so slightly lifting the weight off the shoulders of some. How nice to go to church and come away feeling better.

I love it when Gregg speaks from his heart. I love it when he wrestles with himself long enough to set his speech aside and speak from a heart that longs for deeper things. I love that he sat on a stool and led a real conversation for real people about something really important. Confession.

About the gathering this week, a friend of mine said, “I could confess my sins all day long but if I were being asked to confess Jesus Christ as my Lord...well, that might actually require something to change….” How true. How true.


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