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Friday, January 27, 2006

a common thread

Every person in my Listening Life small group recently took the time to examine his or her life while listening to Christ then shared their journey with the rest of us. This is what I heard as each one offered the precious gift of a peek into their inner most being…

A thread of Divine Love connects each heart. Love brought us together to affirm our humanity and reunite us with each other and with Him. Love refuses to leave us alone. Love calls our name, fills our every need, heals our wounds, carries us forward, keeps us together.

We are a
Circle of Friends
Divine and human intersect
– in my house –
every Tuesday.

I have seen the face of God in others and he is beautiful.
Thank you Jason, Amy, Vivian, Diane, Dawn, Peggy, Hubert, Bonnie and Aj


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