Life 103

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

kathy's angel

Today I stole a Willow Tree angel from my friend and colleague, Deana. It was one of those ornament exchanges where you pick a pretty package, unwrap a beautiful trinket and watch helplessly as someone steals it away from you. I have admired Willow Tree figures for years. I bought the one of two girls with their hands clasped together and gave them to my best friend for her birthday one year and haven’t seen them for sale anywhere since. I’ve coveted Jo and Steve’s. I've coveted them in the store.

Jan unwrapped the angel first and we all exclaimed over it. She is pretty, holding a green wreath in the crook of one arm, her face lifted up to the sky. Crystal passed up the chance to steal her for something else. Deana looked at the pile of wrapped packages on the coffee table and smiled at Jan. They transferred ownership. If Burl had stolen her, I’d have been sunk – two times is the limit. He passed her up and got a bird nest with eggs that said something like Peace, Hope and Love and clips to a branch. Being in line after him, I pretended I wanted something else then feigned reluctance as I told Deana to hand her over. Mark was next and he said, “Good call. If you hadn’t done it, I would have. My wife collects those.”

If Deana hadn’t stolen her first, I’m not sure I’d have had the guts. Jan is our boss.


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