Life 103

Saturday, May 27, 2006

i remember....

W. E. Zielie, my kindred spirit and life long pal who I miss terribly and who I hope is waiting for me by the gate.

Auntie Myrtle Zielie, who worked harder than any woman ought to have to and never complained, and who lived both beautifully and simply in the same house for 60 years.

Marge Weesner, who inspired me to live life fully no matter what, no matter when, no matter how you feel.

Merril Holdahl, who welcomed me into his home, called me by name and taught me how godly men live.

Vida Curtis, who respected my career, my opinion, my dreams, and my faith.

Earl Nelson, whose shy soul quietly shaped North Valley, making it a better place to live by planting red clover, keeping honeybees and befriending absolutely anyone.

C. Earl Trudgeon, who stayed awake all night praying for our daughter to be healed only days before he died and whose shock and disbelief in the morning when he heard she hadn't been healed touched me deeply.

Winifred Landauer, whose smile I can still see.

Gretchen McQueen, who taught me how to face the worst (and the worst is not death) with a sweet and peaceful spirit.

Steve Codiga, who died lost and alone.

Jesus, who risked everything for me.


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